Here are some ideas how you can get involved in spreading awareness on May 12th and the whole month of May (and all year)!

Use Signage/Print

  • Make a sign to put inside your car window or home window with the May12th logo.
  • Make your own custom clothing (i.e. a t-shirt, bag, baseball hat etc) with a May12th logo and wear it.
  • Check your local newspaper or for opportunities to post free calendar events.

Leverage the Internet

  • Follow the Twitter accounts and retweet posts. On May 12th send messages throughout the day i.e.  “May 12th is International ME/CFS Awareness Day – #MECFS #may12th” Make sure to use hashtags on all your postings to help make it a trending topic.
  • Post about any or all of the CIND illnesses on Facebook.
  • Find a local events website for opportunities to post free calendar events.

Solicit Supporters

  • Ask your local library for support. Ask the Librarian to put out the various M.E. and CFS and FMS, and MCSS and GWS and Chronic Lyme books on the table!  Add a sign that tells people it’s for May 12th International Awareness Day.
  • Contact your local radio and television stations and ask them provide coverage.
  • Write a letter to your political representatives to make them aware of May12th and ask for support. You can use this template to ask for May12th to be proclaimed as an Awareness Day in your city.
  • If you know someone that writes a blog, ask them to post a note about the significance of May

Try Fundraising

  • Sell things you no longer want or need on EBay and donate the proceeds to a ME organization.
  • Hold a garage sale either by themselves or with a group and donate the money. If May 12 falls on a weekend,  it could be a good day for a street fundraiser.
  • Collected $5 from each family member or collect $5 for every person that lives in the household and donate it.
  • collected $5 from each of their family members that would donate and forward to your favorite charity or collect $5 for every person that lives in the household and donate it.
  • If you belong to a group, at a group meeting, pass the hat and collected the change and make a donation to an ME/CFS or FM charity.
  • May 12th awareness can be an incentive to make a donation of $12 to a ME/FM/MCS/GWS charity.

Light Up the Night


If you  have any more ideas how to spread the word, Contact Us!


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