I can feel the storm clouds forming
All around my head
I should have stopped my ‘doing’
And rested more instead.

The soft patter of the raindrops
That turn into a thud
As my mind it slows as the downpour grows
Turning every thought to mud.

My scrambled brain
Is like thundering rain
I cower from the merest light
Like a laser beam, that noxious stream
Makes me hide from its line of sight

The wind gathers pace
As it reaches my face
It locks my jaw in jail
Words cannot be formed
Nerve ends are stormed
In a batter of blistering hail.

The rumble of thunder
Soon drives me under
My senses are now so inviting,
The noise of a page, as it turns, causes rage
Like being hit by a bolt of lightning.

The darkening skies, have closed my eyes
Caused my limbs to spasm
From thought to deed,
My body concedes
Is forged an unbridgeable chasm.

Can’t take in the spoken word
Just makes no sense, so absurd
Simple chat I have to concede
Rolls over me, like tumbleweed.

Not just tiredness,
Not just fatigue,
This is in a different league
These storms are causing me to drown
I can feel my body closing down.

I know in time the sun will shine
We’ll see the shoots of Spring
But a wind of change is what we need
To help us beat this thing.

We won’t go under,
Without causing some thunder
A volcano of hot angry fire
We’ll rise as one voice,
making some noise
Awareness is what we desire.

I know that together,
We can change this bad weather
So let’s be in it as one
Let’s keep up the fight, with all of our might
And we’ll enjoy our day in the sun.

By Bill Clayton

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