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International Awareness Day

for  Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND)
Awareness Day Webinar with Dr. Eleanor Stein May 12, 2023

Awareness Day Webinar with Dr. Eleanor Stein May 12, 2023

On May 12, 2023 at 2pm we are pleased to host Dr Eleanor Stein MD, FRCP(C), a Canadian physician that has dedicated her practice to helping people diagnosed with ME, FM, CFS & ES/MCS.
Her research has advanced our understanding of the complex relationship between environmental exposures, chronic stress, and neuroplasticity, and has opened doors to potential treatment approaches for these conditions.
Dr. Stein will spend time during this May12th Awareness event to provide some insight to neuroplasticity & to answer any questions you may have about it & these illnesses.
Neuroplasticity can help patients suffering from a vast number of illnesses. To help you understand what neuroplasticity can/can’t do for you, & how you might use it, Dr. Stein will draw on cases where she has seen unexpected gains as well as 5 scenarios to illustrate this fascinating topic.
The cases include:
  •  A patient has MCS – Dr Stein has had great success with her MCS symptoms. How can this patient reduce the severity of her symptoms?
  • A patient has osteoarthritis in her feet. She needs orthotics but it puts too much pressure on the top of her foot. She wants her feet cut off she’s in so much pain. Can she get control of the pain & how?
  • A man underwent successful surgery to remove a benign brain tumour. He’s gone from fitness enthusiast to little motivation, brain fog & unable to work. Can neuroplasticity help him & begin to feel better?
  • A man has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. How can neuroplasticity be used to slow the progression?
  • A women had a nerve to her bladder nicked in surgery resulting in feeling a frequent need to urinate. Can neuroplasticity dial down these feelings? How would she reduce the need to urinate?

Please submit any questions you may have in advance via our contact page.

And please share the notice of this webinar to anyone that might be interested!

About Dr. Stein

Dr. Stein’s pioneering work has centered on understanding how the brain’s plasticity, or its ability to change and adapt, can be affected by environmental exposures and chronic stressors, leading to the development of MCS and CFS. Her research has shown that repeated exposure to environmental toxins, such as chemicals, mold, or other allergens, can disrupt normal neural pathways and trigger abnormal responses in the brain, leading to heightened sensitivity to these substances and resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive impairments, and sensory sensitivities.

Through her studies, Dr. Stein has also uncovered the role of chronic stress and its impact on neuroplasticity in the context of MCS and CFS. She has found that prolonged stress can alter brain function, leading to changes in neural connectivity and neurochemical imbalances, which can contribute to the development and persistence of these conditions.

Dr. Stein’s research has not only advanced our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of MCS and CFS but has also opened doors to potential treatment approaches. Her work has highlighted the importance of addressing both environmental triggers and stress management in the management and treatment of these conditions. Her findings have also pointed towards the potential for neuroplasticity-based interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapies, mindfulness techniques, and neurofeedback, to help modulate brain function and reduce symptoms in individuals with MCS and CFS.

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